Grant Recipient Resources

A condition of accepting grants from The Summit Foundation is public recognition of the grant and the programs and/or services it supports. Below are ways to publicize the grant.

In addition to recognizing the award in any of your internal communications, website, social media, etc, The Summit Foundation requires submission of an announcement about the grant to local media outlets.

Press release

The Summit Foundation recommends your organization develop its own press release to publicize your award. We can provide you with quotes as well as background information for your release. Prior to distribution, please send a draft of your press release to [email protected]. Once you distribute to media outlets, please email us a copy.


Please use this boilerplate for The Summit Foundation at the bottom of your press release:

The Summit Foundation serves the community by growing and granting philanthropic resources to address local needs. In the past 10 years, it has invested $10.3 million in the community through grants, scholarships, donor-advised distributions, and special purpose funds.

Photo Opportunities

The Summit Foundation is happy to participate in photo opportunities, such as a group photo with representatives from your organization or photos that show how the grant will be used. We do not provide oversized checks. Be sure to obtain any appropriate releases from a parent or legal guardian of minors and/or all individuals who do not work at your organization and who are featured in the photo.

Social Media

When posting about your grant to your own social media, please tag The Summit Foundation:

If you would like to be featured in our social media accounts, please email [email protected] and obtain any appropriate releases prior to sending us these materials.


The following language can be used to acknowledge The Summit Foundation:

“This project/program has been proudly supported by a grant from The Summit Foundation.”

When acknowledging The Summit Foundation, please include a link to our website,


Please use our logo for websites and other materials your organization may develop.

Program Evaluation

If you have received a grant from The Summit Foundation in the past two years, we ask that you submit a Program Evaluation Report for the grant. Submission of the grant evaluation is required prior to consideration of any future grant proposals.

The evaluation form for this purpose is located below:

Program Evaluation Report