$1 Million Invested in Our Community Annually

We’ve been a force for good since 1972, helping the community meet the needs of future generations. We help neighbors pay it forward through grants, scholarships, donor-advised funds, and pass-though grants.


$200,000 in 2022

Over the past 50 years, The Summit Foundation has provided funding for virtually every community resource in town.

  • Grants to our public schools, police and fire departments, public library, and first aid squad
  • Sustain Summit Fund: Our seed grant in 2020 provided critical assistance to local, independent businesses in the
    early months of the pandemic and prompted $700,000 in donations from neighbors to bolster our downtown through emergency restrictions.
  • Pass-through grants to citywide projects, including FLAG, Hometown Heroes, the Summit Community Center renovation, Summit Public Art, and the original construction of City Hall
  • Grants for sustainable and open space public projects: Summit Free Market, Summit Park restoration, and the Village Green


$700,000 in 2022

The Summit Foundation supports a thriving nonprofit sector that collaborates and innovates to address local needs. Each year we offer grants to agencies that make Summit a place we all love to call home. These groups offer food, shelter, education, arts, culture, and health programs in our community.

a word cloud of community organizations


$100,000 in 2022

In 2022, we supported 47 scholarships that match donors with talented high school students in need of financial support to attain a college degree.


Inspired by the Foundation’s scholarship offerings for college-bound high school seniors, a local family asked us how they could help grow the pie.

Together we envisioned a new scholarship, Elevating Summit Students (ESS), to help narrow the gap between college tuition and financial aid. Six donor families committed funds to launch the effort in 2022. This spring, two Summit High School seniors were awarded inaugural ESS scholarships of $23,000 per student to be used over their four years of college.

The scholarship enabled both students to consider a wider range of college opportunities.

a group of students outside a school

Summit High School recipients of 2022 Foundation scholarships.