A Pillar of Community Support

  • Building philanthropic resources and solutions to enhance
    the lives of all who call our area home
  • Fostering connection to address needs and cultivate
    opportunities so everyone can prosper
  • Investing $1.3M in the community through strategic grants,
    scholarships, and community and donor-advised funds in 2023

We help purposeful individuals, families, and organizations support what matters most to them. Together, we strengthen our community’s potential to thrive for generations to come.

Strategic Grants

$650,000 in 2023

As a community foundation, we provide grants to local nonprofits that deliver vital and innovative services. Through these grants, we facilitate collaboration and solutions for nonprofits and donors to improve the lives of community members.

A word cloud showing the names of our recent grantees.

Icons displaying the distribution of our grants by program area.

Donor Partnerships

$560,000 in 2023

We help donors manifest their philanthropic goals. In 1998, the family of G. Morrison Hubbard Jr. made a legacy gift designated for Summit Public Schools. Entrusted to us to grow and grant over time, the fund catalyzed the modernization of the Lincoln-Hubbard Learning Commons, Wilson and Jefferson playgrounds, Washington Learning Center, Brayton Library, and Tatlock Sports Complex.

This year, the final disbursement of the Hubbard fund enhanced the Summit High School auditorium, a cherished resource for all audiences. We thank the Hubbard family for the enduring impact of their gift to the community.

College Scholarships

$120,000 in 2023

We provided 49 scholarships that matched donors with deserving students eager to pursue a college degree.

“Thanks to this scholarship, I can reduce my work schedule to focus on my studies. I owe it all to Summit and the community I grew up in. I hope that one day I will be able to give back to the place that gave so much to me. Thank you again for investing in my success.”— Jennifer Natunen
recipient of the 2023 Albert J. Bartholomew Scholarship

Summit High School recipients of 2023 Foundation scholarshipsSummit High School recipients of 2023 Foundation scholarships