In 2022, The Summit Foundation distributed more than $100,000 in scholarships to local high school seniors and helped dozens of students afford a college education.

We encourage you to donate to an existing fund or to create a new fund.

Donate to a Scholarship Fund

Donors can contribute to any of the following Scholarship Funds:

  • Elevating Summit Student Scholarship for motivated students with need who will be the first generation in their family to attend college
  • Summit Foundation Award for Perseverance for students with financial need who have overcome obstacles and who have shown significant academic improvement during high school
  • PEP Scholars Scholarships providing financial support to PEP program graduates attending college. PEP, Providing Educational Possibilities, is a college access program for students in Summit.”

Establish a New Scholarship Fund

Interested donors can establish a new scholarship to be managed by The Summit Foundation. To learn more, please email [email protected]

The Summit Foundation also manages the following scholarships:

  • Adele M Lynch Nursing scholarship for students intending to attend nursing school, available to Summit and New Providence High School Seniors
  • Harry & Genevieve Kates Summit Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship
    for Summit High School Seniors with academic achievement who are active in community service. Preference given to students attending community or vocational schools
  • Albert J. Bartholomew Scholarship for Summit High School Seniors with financial need planning further study at a college, university or vocational/technical school
  • Emily Bensinger Memorial Prize in Business Subjects for Summit High School students showing proficiency in commercial or business subjects
  • Arthur Torell Memorial Scholarship for outstanding Summit High School math students
  • Clara I. Wulff Memorial Award to a Summit High School student with financial need
  • William Treuchtlinger Scholarship for an outstanding Linden High School student
  • Gladys E.P. Cornetta Scholarship for a North Bergen High School student intending to attend a New Jersey college and pursue a career in teaching
  • Cole-Matreyek Trinitas Nursing Scholarships giving financial support to students attending the Trinitas Hospital nursing program

One Donor’s Story

two young women stand in front of a brick wallAira Poticano (Drew University) left, April Sanchez (Gettysburg College) right

Inspired by the Foundation’s scholarship offerings for college-bound high school seniors, a local family asked us how they could help grow the pie.

Together we envisioned a new scholarship, Elevating Summit Students (ESS), to help narrow the gap between college tuition and financial aid. Six donor families committed funds to launch the effort in 2022. This spring, two Summit High School seniors were awarded inaugural ESS scholarships of $23,000 per student to be used over their four years of college.

The scholarship enabled both students to consider a wider range of college opportunities.

“Thanks to the ESS Scholarship, I am able to not only attend Drew University but live on campus. I really enjoy it because I get a sense of freedom and I am learning how to be independent!” — Aira Poticano

More Testimonials

“By awarding me the Adele Lynch Scholarship you have lightened my financial burden. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community.”— Recipient

“I deeply thank you for recognizing me and for the Adele M. Lynch Scholarship. It has been my dream for years now to pursue a career in the medical field, and your contribution puts me at a significant advantage.”— Recipient

Students looking for scholarships should contact their school’s guidance department.