Ways You Can Give

Since 1972, we have helped community-minded Summit residents reach their philanthropic goals. Whether you’re searching for a cause or know where and how you want to give, we can help.

Why us?

  • We invest funds prudently to ensure long-term growth and stability.
  • We use competitive grants to meet the emerging needs of our community.
  • We facilitate collaboration among nonprofits to maximize the impact of our funds.

Ways you can give

Unrestricted fund

Unrestricted gifts are extremely valuable because they empower us to address needs as they change over time.

Donor-advised fund

Donors can create an account, name advisors, receive an immediate tax benefit, and recommend grants from the fund over time. We invest the assets, administer the funds, and distribute the grants.

Restricted-purpose fund

Donors designate a specific purpose for which their gifts or bequests may be used. We manage the funds and select grantees whose missions and work meet the donor’s designated purposes.


We manage over 30 scholarships that provide $50,000+ a year for students in central and northern New Jersey. Scholarships can have certain criteria such as a specific demographic or academic interest.


A fund created by your bequest can carry your name, the name of a family member, or other person you wish to honor. Named funds are a way to support your meaningful causes well into the future.

Donor-advised, restricted-purpose, and scholarship funds

These can be either:

  • Expendable, meaning the fund is used in its entirety, generally within a short time frame
  • Endowed, meaning the fund provides income in perpetuity to carry out the designated purpose of the fund

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